Guide to your finca

Air conditioning: Not every domicile has got an air conditioning. Air conditioning can be booked for an additional charge, if available.

Additional bed: An additional bed can be booked on-site through our service partner for 20€ per day. In this case please pay the additional costs on-site. Please note that the objects must have the same numbers of beds as the number of guests. The additional bed is going to be placed with bed linen at your desired location prior to your arrival and is going to be picked up after your departure. Please note that the furnitures of the house relate to normal occupation. E.g.: If a house of a normal occupation of 8 people is booked by 10 people, there are just 8 sunbeds in the house.

Animals: Due to the rual surroundings there can be rodents at the house, chicken on the premises, lizards at the bathroom windows or dogs on the neighbours premises. Also keeping of cows, horses, sheeps and goats is usual.

Arrival and departure: Usually the cash payment and the key delivery is to be made in our office in Ses Covetes after arrival. Then the guests drive to the domicile on their own with a detailed direction. All agreements regarding time, cleansing or others are ONLY to be made with employees of the agency.

Bed: There is no bed like yours – it can be too long, too wide, too big, too small, not soft enought or too soft. Expect the country-specific facilities, which does not always comply to your expectations.

Cleaning: Every house is well cleaned before your arrival, there are clean bed sheets on the beds, and towels are prepared (no beach towels). Please leave the house clean-swept. The final cleansing is made by the cleaning staff.

Condition of the house: Due to the proximity to the sea and the wather conditions there can be some rust spots on the house,  mould stains on the fittings or mold spots. It has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the house, but with natural.

Construction site: Since there is construced a lot in Majorca it can be possible that there is a construction site in your close proximity. However, there is a site-stop between July and September in which just smaller works are allowed to be made.

Dogs /pets: Bringing your dog or other pets is permitted only with a written approval. Please note that in such case a security deposit of 500€ is necessary. Additional costs regarding the accommodation can occur. Please request bringing pets before making any plans. It is prohibited to let the pets jump in the pool, be in the bed, on the seating or lounger furnitures. Of a violation the costs for the cleaning will be deducted from the deposit.

Electricity: There are the same sockets and voltage (220V) as in Germany. Short power cuts can occur.  The solar supply can also be a reason for cold water and malfunctioning devices.

Facilities of the Objects:  Usually every object has a washing mashine, a dishwasher and a fully-equipped kitchen. TV and receiver are available as well. The rental price of a finca does not mean that the finca is particularly high-quality. Only what had been agreed prior to your arrival is avilable.

Finca: The spanish word “Finca” means “farm” in its original sense.  Many old farms in the area of Campos and the Es Trenc area are marketed touristically. Parts of the property are often still cultivated or the surrounding fields are cultivated by neighbours.

Garden / property: A gardener will enter your property during your stay every 2nd or 3rd day to take care of the garden and the beds.

Gas: In many spanish households gas is used for cooking.

Graduated price: When paying a graduated price the bedrooms and linen will be only for the number of people included in the price. There will be not more sleeping facilities. It means: If you pay a graduated price for four persons, there will be only two bedrooms. Other bedrooms are not to be used.

Heating: Most of the domiciles do not have a central heating system and can only be heated by radiators (for an additional charge).

Internet: Not every domicile has got internet. You can not compare the internet connection to the connection in England. Most of the fincas are located in the countryside or in less connected villages which leads to restrictions of the speed and the internet connection.

Insects: The Es Trenc area consists of 70% agriculture. The occurrence of insects, as well as field mice and ants can occur. This is no cause for alarm and not an indicator of uncleanliness. We advise against a stay at the Es Trenc area if you are allergic to animal hair, because numerous farmers in the area have various animals.

Lighting: Normally there are twice as many light switches as in England. You need to try to find our which one is the right one. The pool-lighting often has a time switch which turns the light on and off automatically.

Location: Our Fincas are almost exclusively located in standalone locations and with no direct neighbours. Also there is no exact postal address. Nevertheless, the next village or beach can be reached swiftly.

Mediation: The agency is just the intermediary of holiday domiciles. It does not offer other service features beyond the mediation of domiciles around the Es Trenc area. Every service request will be transferred to our service partners.

Neighbours: Unfortunately, we do not have an influence on noise pollution through neighbours or other vacationers e.g. having a barbecue, music or watching TV.

Noise: The background noise in the countryside is not the same as in the city. There are barking dogs, crowing cocks, chirping crickets, rustling mice on the roof and the farmers are ploughing the fields. The Es Trenc area is made up of over 75% agriculture.

Owners: It may happen that the owner will bring you some vegetables from their own cultivation as a little present. You don´t need to submit the owner some documents and please do not make another arrangement with him as with the agency.

Parking: No parking lots on Majorca are free. Pay attention to the yellow lines (no parking). Use public areas. You can park your car directly in front of the house. Parking in zones with blue areas requires a farking fee.

Payment: Always cash on arrival!

Pool: Every 3rd/4rd day a poolboy is coming to clean the pool. He will NOT enter the house or get money.

Public transport: Please look up the information of the public transport on the notice at the next bus stop. Bus stops for buses from and to Palma are in Sa Rápita, Ses Salines, Campos, Porreres, Santanyi, Llucmayor and Felanitx.

Safety: Locks, gates and doors do not meet the usual standard.

Sanitary facilities: The water pressure of the toilet flushing is not that strong in southern countries so please pay attention to your toilet paper consumption to prevent clogging of the toilet.

Seasonal times: The opening hours of stores, supermarkets, restaurants and doctors are not the same in the different seasons. They can be closed over a long time.

Security deposit: A security deposit can occur. Especially in case of overcowding and/or special price arrangements. The secuity deposit is generally 500€ and is to be paid cash on arrival. It will be refunded in cash on departure if the house is in proper condition, clean-swept and without any damage.  If you find any defects on your arrival, please tell us. Please get in contact with us regarding any security deposit.

Shopping:  A huge and well sorted supermarket can be found in Campos and Santanyi. You can find smaller supermarkets, which are open on sundays as well (in the high season), in every small village.

Waste: Waste is sorted in Majorca. Categories are glass, paper, plastic and residuals. Containers are mostly located on the nearest main road or at the next entrance to the village.

Weather: The weather in spain is really changeable. The weather between September and May could be cooler and light rain could be possible.