Terms and conditions

  1. Booking/Transfer: You will receive a written confirmation which is sent back to their efficacy signed by you. The signer agrees by his signature on behalf of all participants to be responsible for all contractual obligations under the rental terms. Pursuant to the Agreement are solely for the day of booking and the travel period valid information of the house description. The accommodations may not be occupied by more persons registered as. If changes are require, due to a transfer date of travel, residence and / or number of participants required, a fee of € 80 is necessary. If the transfer is no longer possible, a new application for the above Conditions occur. The information in the booking confirmation, the scope of contractual services. Additional agreements are valid only in written form and with the express written confirmation. The newsletter is an exclusive service for the customers, the company LIFE&ART GMBH. It contains information about the latest offers from our Finca program. The newsletter will be automatically subscribed to the reservation. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter service, you can do so via the unsubscribe link to the next newsletter.
  2. Payment: If the booking confirmation unless otherwise agreed: 30% of the total amount due within 10 days after receiving the booking confirmation. You will not receive a separate confirmation regarding the deposit. The balance is due no later than 6 weeks before arrival, without further reminder. The final confirmation you will receive approximately 1 week before arrival date. Non-payment or late payment shall constitute a withdrawal and authorize LIFE&ART GMBH to assign the accommodation.
  3. Withdrawal/Cancellation: Cancellation and cancellation fees will be equal to 25% until 90 days before date of arrival, 35% between 90 and 60 days and 50% of 60 – due 30 days prior to arrival / arrival. From 30 Days prior to arrival / arrival the total amount is due. Please note that a cancellation is considered involuntary resignation. Cancellation charges are calculated based on the daily incoming mail.
  4. Services: The LIFE&ART GMBH services offered are exclusively for the procurement of external services between the signatories, the passengers and the respective Party. All claims for compensation by the signer, hereafter referred to as tenants-are to be placed on the respective owners. The contract is for and on behalf of the service provider: the owner, landlord or manager – hereinafter referred to as owner – complete. It applies to the logged period and the number of registered persons and domestic animals. We recommend taking out an insurance package (trip cancellation, baggage and travel accident insurance).
  5. Liability: The tender was prepared in good faith and according to the instructions of the owner. For influencing the rental property by force majeure, such as Strike, war, earthquake, nationwide standard power and water outages, severe weather situations is not responsible. Also we are not responsible for the ongoing functioning of installations such as central heating, pool, etc., as well as noise from construction activities on adjoining properties without temporal limitation. Is the use of the leased property is not possible due to force majeure, and not a substitute object to place, the liability to the maximum amount of the agreed residual payment is limited. A liability for temporary disturbances in the water / – power supply or disruptions caused by natural or local events will be excluded.
  6. Responsibilities: In any disruptions to services, the customer is obliged to do under the statutory provisions, to be an elimination of the problem and limit any damage caused to the lowest. The tenant is asked to look at the inventory of the rental property to check and report to the owner within 24 hours of shortcomings so that remedial action can be done. Also, all other complaints to the rental must be reported immediately to the owner. The tenant must report any damages caused during his stay and the owners treat the accommodation with care together with inventory. The rented accommodation is to be kept clean.
  7. Arrival/Departure: The property can be used on arrival from 14.00 clock, on the departure of the tenant leaves the house no later than 09:30 clock. If the tenant will occupy the property on departure longer want, he must agree with this site to the landlord AND the representative of LIFE&ART GMBH.
  8. Pets: We regret that pets need the written permission of the owner. The tenant is liable for all damages caused by the animal. In any case, a security deposit of € 500, – agreed by the Agent, which will be refunded after the stay.
  9. Jurisdiction: All claims for damage to the passenger must be made to the respective owner, landlord or manager. Of fulfilment and jurisdiction is the place where the property or the residence of the owner, landlord or manager.
  10. Other: All statements regarding the customer transfer, change of date or cancellation must be in writing and shall only be confirmed in writing by LIFE&ART GMBH

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The original meaning of the word finca is farm. Many old farms in the area of Campos and the Es Trenc are marketed touristicly. It is not uncommon that animals are kept. You can ask us, if animals are kept at your selected finca.